A Python Script

Mail Bale

Copying email lists for alert groups manually is painful. Having to format that list by hand is even worse.

I made this script to take a list of email and format it with brackets and commas so that it is ready to be consumed by PgAdmin into a database.

Fork Mail Bale
input a list like this:
and get output like this:
  {user1@user1.com, user2@user2.com, user3@user3.com}
These are the files


# This is the file that we will read.
  raw_email_data = 'raw_email_data.txt'

  # Open the file here and perform any operations necessary.
  with open(raw_email_data, 'r') as data_file:
    read_data = data_file.read().splitlines()
    processed_data = ', '.join(read_data)

  print('{' + processed_data + '}')


Paste your email list in the file. When the script runs it will read from here, and output in the command line.

Soon this will output in the same file.